29th May 2018 | Ford & Slater DAF


Ford & Slater has introduced an ‘Apprentice Panel’ across its 10 dealership locations, which offers trainees the opportunity to have their say on issues affecting the company and apprentices.

But why has it been created?

Below are five things you should know about the Apprentice Panel.


The first of its kind

Ford & Slater has recognised an opportunity for apprentices to have more of a say in what happens in their day-to-day. We are the first DAF Dealership to implement this type of initiative and hope the Panel will help us streamline our apprenticeship programmes, unlock the full potential of the next generation of Ford & Slater employees, and build an atmosphere in which they thrive and enjoy coming to work each and every day.

One panel for ten dealer locations

All ten of our dealerships are represented by at least one Panel member, meaning apprentices are offered an equal opportunity to have their say. All Panel members are invited and encouraged to become a sound board between their fellow apprentices and the senior management staff.

Developing the future generation

Panel members are provided with the tools, training and coaching to make the most of their inclusive role. Over the course of their apprenticeship members will be required to develop a number of soft skills, including: communication, creative thinking, decision making, flexibility, problem-solving and conflict resolution, to name a few.

Benefitting the community

Our Panel of apprentices take part in annual fundraising events for charitable organisations, chosen by them. In 2017, apprentices raised almost £2,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, an organisation which provides care and support for young people living with cancer, and their families.

Raising the profile

With the help of the Apprenticeship Co-ordinator, Panel members are invited to offer their thoughts on how the Ford & Slater apprenticeship programme is promoted to future candidates. They will be involved in the design process of leaflets, brochures and video content and be encouraged to assist with the promotion of apprenticeships at events and trade shows.


So, as you can see from our top five things about the Apprentice Panel, members are going to be working very hard to create an unbeatable and enjoyable apprenticeship experience not only for those currently enrolled, but also new apprentices for many years to come.

You can expect to see our apprentices out and about a lot more, as our Apprentice Panel begins working with the 2018 intake of apprentices.