12th April 2018 | Ford & Slater DAF


Ford & Slater has ‘exceeded all expectations’ by providing Lincoln based international haulier, Denby Transport, with a brand-new DAF FTG XF 480 tractor unit, in just one week.

Even with almost 40 years in the industry, Denby Transport Managing Director, Peter Denby, explained he has never experienced such a short lead time for a new vehicle: “The average wait time for a new truck to be built is between three and four months. I have been known to sit on a waiting list for well over a year, but never in my life have I had a truck delivered in such a short time.”

Looking for a DAF truck to add to their extensive fleet, Peter contacted us in March 2018, when he was offered a brand-new truck as part of our Stock Tractor Unit programme.

During the one-week turnaround time, Ford & Slater has been able to tailor the new FTG to the specific operational needs of Denby Transport.

Peter Denby continues, “I contacted Ford & Slater looking for a new truck and they suggested a brand-new FTG, almost exactly to the spec I would have asked for and with a turnaround of just one week. It has exceeded all expectations.”

Ford & Slater Lincoln Sales Manager, Mick Denton, commented. “For our customers, having enough vehicles to handle their growing business demands is a key factor for ensuring a cost effective and efficient operation. It is for this reason that the Stock Tractor Unit programme has been so successful for customers. It gives businesses the option to choose a brand-new DAF truck from our stock for a quick turnaround, meaning no loss of income due to downtime.”

The DAF FTG 480 joins a fleet of around 40 tractor units at Denby Transport.

Mick Denton concludes, “Ford & Slater has worked with Denby Transport for over 45 years and in that time, we have come to know Peter and his company well. We are grateful for Peter’s kind words about our services and look forward to seeing the new Denby Transport DAF FTG out on the roads of Lincolnshire and Europe.”